How Can I Benefit from Feeding my Dog a Raw Natural Diet?

11/14/2009  3:00p.m. cst

"5 and 6 year old dogs eating a Raw Natural Diet together"

"5 and 6 year old dogs eating a Raw Natural Diet together"

Have you ever questioned the quality of the food your dog is eating?  I know I did when we heard about the pet food recalls a couple years ago.  I was one of only a tiny percentage of people that didn’t have a single thing to worry about throughout the entire recall.  I didn’t panic, I didn’t worry, I didn’t have to run to the vet and make sure my dogs kidneys are still working.

Why?  The answer is simple, I didn’t feed my dog “Dog Food”, About a year prior to the dog food recalls, I had switched my dogs to a raw natural diet.  They were eating USDA approved human grade food, much of it was certified organic.  Human food in the US has an excellent track record for safety.  When problems with human food do arise, they are very frequently problems due to bacteria such as salmonella or E-coli.  While salmonella, E-coli, and similar bugs can and do cause problems for certain group of humans, in my experience this is rarely a problem for dogs.

Since I started feeding my dogs a raw natural diet, I have seen many improvements in their overall health.  Including a much softer smoother cleaner coat.  After a short time on raw feeding, I found the “Dog Smell” went away as did the need for frequent bathing.  I found the cost to be comparable or cheaper than what I was paying for premium dog food.  I also enjoyed the added convenience of being able to get my dog his food while at the grocery store.  I always had to go to specialty pet stores to get the premium food that my dogs used to eat.

To summarize, here are the:

“Top 10 Benefits for YOU”

When you feed your dog a raw natural diet.

  1. No more worries about any Pet Food Recall

  2. Less or no dental cleanings

  3. No more “Dog Smell”

  4. No more weekly baths!

  5. Decreased vet bills

  6. Save money over premium pet foods

  7. Longer happier life with your special dog

  8. Reduce or eliminate costly medications

  9. Reduce or eliminate costly supplements

  10. Frequently behavior improvements are reported

There is a overwhelming amount of information on the Internet about raw feeding and home made diets for your dog.  I will be posting more information about how to start feeding your dogs a raw natural diet.  Please sign up for my blog feed to receive e-mail updates when I post new articles.

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