Video review of the New – HTC Hero combo PDA and Mobile Phone on the Sprint Network

Review by Jamie Dolan:

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HTC Hero Review:


HTC HeroThe cellular phone market is booming.  They are not just phones anymore, they are PDA’s also.  The Hero is the newest mobile PDA phone from HTC.  This phone is so much more than any other cellular phone I have used in the past, it’s like a computer packed into the palm of your hand.  Now, I’ve used the Apple IPod Touch for some time, which is an amazing product, however the Hero on the Sprint network takes it all to the next level.  I’m still amazed at the ability to have Internet access anywhere I go, I’m in Walmart and want to check a product review, no problem!  My e-mail, text messages, twitter alerts, and other social networking messages are all updated on my phone just minutes after they happen.  The weather and current temperature are automatically displayed on the top of the main screen, which is a feature I love, just tap the menu button, and unlock the phone, and there is the weather forecast.  I double click on the temperature and it loads up the the current weather forecast, no matter where I am at.  I have found the sprint phone to have access to the Internet, no matter where I am, even in my basement.

I’ve had a number of cellular phones in the past with fancy features, some would have even been consider a “PDA Phone”, however, none come even close to Hero.  I do have to admit that part of what makes this phone so amazing is the high quality of the Sprint network in my area.  I have never had a strong love of Sprint, but never had anything against them.  I had been with a regional carrier that offered a unlimited use plan that was a very good deal for the number of minutes I used.  The cellular Internet service that my old provider offered was about the speed of a 14.4 modem, this very much limited the usefulness of my previous “SmartPhones”.  On the G3 Sprint network I get speeds that are about 15 times faster than the fastest 56K modem,  these speeds approach those offered by entry level DSL connections. I’ll take more about Sprint in another post.

Enjoy the video review:

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I have had this phone for about 3 weeks and have been very impressed with it.  I have no affiliation with or connection to Sprint and am in no way compensated by them.

Jamie Dolan

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