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I have to apologize, if you’re a subscriber to my blog via the Google Feedburner site (The e-mail will say Jamie Dolan Blog, but when you look in the header, you will see that it is being sent by Google).

Unfortunately, at the present time, Google lacks a way to preview the messages prior to them being automatically delivered to you.  A number of messages have been delivered with formatting errors, including problems with videos.

If you get an e-mail where you can’t view the message properly, please visit my site directly to see the article (post).  You should not have problems viewing material directly on the site.

I am in contact with several companies, (i.e. the well known Aweber communications as well as a commercial streaming video provider, similar to YouTube, but designed for direct placement on sites)  that will  help me develop a solution to deliver the messages, including the video in a consistent and reliable manner.

If you have any questions or further problems, please use this form to contact me:


Thank You kindly for your patience,


Jamie Dolan

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