Jamie Dolan.com is on the move… Rackspace Cloud – Here we come!


JamieDolan.com is on the move.  We are headed for greener pastures over in “The Cloud”.  This past week Chad Keck who works for Rackspace, spent a good deal of time with me, explaining the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud based hosting is the next generation in high availability, high speed web hosting.  RackSpace is leading the way in the industry.  While the term cloud hosting is yet to be clearly defined ,  as applied to RackSpace it means this: Your web site resides on 2 or more physical servers on separate networks.  No one failure of a machine or system can take down your web site.  They do true front end load balancing to ensure your web site can handle any load at any time.  This technology will allow your site to accept millions of visitors.  On the vast majority of web hosting accounts, you’re going to find  a real problem when  a few thousand visitors access your site in a short amount of time.  You may even find your web site being shut down for “excessive load” on your provider’s servers.  This costs your business not only money, but can frustrate customers and even turn away prospects. This setup is potentially more costly than a conventional “one server system” but can save valuable customers and promote the best business practice. Take a look at your situation as this could be beneficial to your company.

Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting by Rackspace

We will be making the transition over the next week.  I’ll keep you updated as the transfer takes place.

Welcome to the Cloud.

Jamie Dolan
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