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I recently created a Market Article Directory site. It is called: I’d like to tell you  more about the reasons I created this site and share some of my plans going forward.

There are already numerous article directories on the Internet. However, the vast majority of these focus on very diverse topics from hair care to Internet routers. The article directories of this nature, at least the ones that are done well, do serve a purpose for the end user. They bring together a collection of valuable information in a way that makes it easy for the end user to find what they seek.

Authors can also benefit from posting their articles in these directories.

These benefits include:

1. Establishing credibility in the author’s industry.

2. Establishing quality links back to the author’s site that will help with search engine ratings.

3. Connect with new readers that find the article while searching for a solution to a problem.

The creator / owner of an article directory can benefit in several ways.  They are able to built an opt-in mailing list of users; useful for marketing purposes.  They can also choose to put  advertising on the site.  Once a site is established, both of these can be viable options.  However, short of a large up front investment, it can take a long time for a article site to grow and develop to the point where it can make the owner any money.

If you do consider starting an article directory I strongly suggest finding find a niche market. With the site that I am currently developing, I am focusing on the Internet Marketing niche. This helps keep my directory focused on material that is of interest to my readers. I feel using this approach creates more value for the author and for the reader, as the directory stays on topic.

My current site is in “Beta” for a short time yet, however I do have a form setup that will allow you to submit articles that you have written. I will include all quality articles in the directory, with live links to your home page. If you’re interested, this is the address to submit an article: http://www.internetmarketingbusinessarticles/submit-article/ Please do keep in mind that this is a niche market site, and I will only be able to accept articles related to business marketing.

Thanks for reading.


Jamie Dolan

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