Got a New Online Business that is slow to take off? Check out my friends new forum:

"Jamie Dolan - Akiva & Vasco"

"Jamie Dolan - Akiva & Vasco"

"Back Link Forum"

"Terry & Tom's Back Link Forum"



Last week my friends Terry Kyle and Tom Goodwin launched a new forum to help you promote your web site.  Most of you are thinking, isn’t there enough stuff out on the internet about how to promote my business (and none of it works).  Well, I have to agree there is a lot of information out there any a lot of people trying to sell you stuff all the time.  I met Terry and Tom on another internet forum, where I found them extremely knowledgeable and helpful from the start.  While Terry and Tom do have some products that they sell, this forum they have created isn’t being used as a soap box to promote their own products.

Terry and Tom has been responding to posts on the forum each and every day, ensuring that questions get answered and people are helped.  They have had years of hands on experience, and they know what they are doing.  I am very impressed with the results I have seen them achieve.

The rate that their online Backlinks forum has grown in just the past week since they opened is testimony to their marketing ability.  There are over 200 members on the site and more than 555 posts.   That is amazing for a forum that is a week old.  I know many forums sit for years and never reach 200 members.  I can’t wait to see what the forum looks like a month from now!

If you have a online business or just a web site that sells a product, you know how important marketing is.  Stop by Terry and Tom’s new Backlinks forum today and ask them what can be done to help solve your marketing and SEO problems.  They are the guys with answers.


Jamie Dolan

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