Google Adwords got you down? – Take a listen to what Ryan Deiss has to say…

Ryan Deiss - Presentation on Facebook

Ryan Deiss - Presentation on Facebook


Ryan Deiss is a Internet Marketer.  I’ve been on his mailing list for several months.  I think he has some good things to say, but he is rather obnoxious.  I do link to a video presentation below that Ryan puts on.  He is tying to sell a product in the video.  I don’t get anything if you buy the product he is selling, and I am not trying to get you to buy it.  I do think there is some valuable information in the video, if you take a few minutes and really listen to the message he is sending, you will realize that you can do this on your own, without his program.

Despite Ryan being a little direct and obnoxious, this particular presentation he sent out today really has a message that is worth hearing.

FaceBook is competing with Google for their share of the online advertising market.

I believe that we will hear more and more about FaceBook being used for online direct to consumer advertising. in the near future.

If you have a business or if your interested in more details about what Ryan has to say about his he is using Facebook advertising, take a look at his video.    He does give you a bit of information in the video if you pay attention, keep in mind he is trying to sell you his product.  I have not purchased his product, so I can’t tell you if it is any good or not.  Explore at your own risk.


Jamie Dolan

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