Akiva The Dog – my Best Buddy Dog – Update

This is my buddy Akiva The Dog, he has bee having some problems walking the last couple weeks and we are not sure what is wrong.  We might try a change in antibiotics tomorrow, if that doesn’t work, then we are going to have to get into see a board certified neurologist to help us figure out what is going on.  He might need to have an MRI done if we can’t figure out what is going on here pretty soon.  A MRI would help us see if there is something going on with his spine if there is that is highly treatable, sometimes with medicine, and sometimes with surgery, which is very successful.  If it is not his back, then we are likely dealing with an infection of some kind or an autoimmune problem that would have to be treated with medications.  There is still a possibility that this all stemmed from an injury to his back legs / knee, but we are not able to see any signs of that on x-ray.  That doesn’t explain why his appetite is reduced.

Akiva sitting on his chair today

Akiva in his chair with his mouse toy.

Akiva enjoying this wonderful weather in the back yard for a little while this afternoon

Akiva and Vasco out on the Patio Today

Akiva The Dog

My Buddy Akiva outside today on 5-15-2010 on our back yard patio

Akiva your my best buddy! 

I love you buddy Boo!!


Akiva is always here with my while I write and
work.  He is either on my lap or next to me. 
We are together all the time.

Akiva my Buddy!

Feel Better soon please!!!

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