100 Blogs Posts – Just over 5 Months

100 Blogs Posts Old!!!

In just over 5 months since I started my blog on JamieDolan.com I have made 100 posts (counting this one). Some are mainly photos and a couple are movies.  Even the photos take a lot of time and effort to adjust, crop, upload and write captions for. I’ve written a number of articles on a variety of subjects and even made a couple how to videos.  All of my content is my own, nothing stolen or borrowed from others.

This past month I have made the most posts, far and away, but have overall been pretty consistent with keeping the blog updated. I’ve changed the look of the blog a couple times, refining it making it look a bit more professional.

I’ve submitted my blog to many search engines, and put links to it on all the sites and forums I use. I also have used the social bookmarking sites to promote my site.  I’ve used twitter and facebook.  Despite all my promotion and all of my efforts, the amount of readers remains fairly low. A photos here or there will get shared with 100 or more people, and that is mainly because I will mention it to people I know on a mailing list.

However, the average number of readers is a much different story, many time a post only sees 2 or 3 views, then it is buried to be forgotten about. I’ve learned that it is really very hard to make a nice web site and to attract visitors / readers, much harder than I expected (not that I even thought it would be really easy).

So far keeping a blog has been a interesting experience, with fairly limited rewards. A few of the articles that I got some real comments and feedback from people on were fun, but that has only happened a handful of times. I’ll keep going, keep writing, and posting photos / videos for the world to see. Maybe some day the search engines will decide to send me more traffic. I guess the Internet is pretty full of blogs already and you have to really work at it to get people to your site.

Maybe someone with a big popular site will one day take pity on me and link to my site, sending me boat loads of traffic. (or one day someone will tell me the secrets of mastering the search engines)


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