Akiva Goes to Madison

Next Monday we see the Neurology Specialist

11:41 p.m.

Akiva has been doing about the same for the past couple days. The Tramadol that he is on does seem to help him a little bit, making it a little easier for him to move around, but he is still far from normal. He still can’t climb steps, but is walking around a bit more now that he is on the new medicine (Tramadol).

Akiva Goes To Madison

Akiva Goes To Madison

We still need to figure out what is actually wrong with Akiva so we can get him the proper treatment, not just pain management.  There is a doctor in Appleton that I would have taken Akiva to for an consultation, but I called today and found out she is out on maternity leave.

I ended up making an appointment with the neurology department in Madison. His appointment is on Monday.  It is a hour long.  I just plan to have an evaluation / consultation and possibly draw blood for tests.   I hope that the consultation with the Neurologist will give us some more information or at least send us looking in the right direction.

We may end up being told they want a CAT or MRI next, that is basically the only thing the orthopedics doctor in Appleton knows to do at this point.  However there are so many things that could be going on that would not show on a scan, I think it is well worth it to get the consultation with the neurologist before we do more testing.  It is nice they can get him in so quickly.

Send Akiva lots of Love and wish him good luck in Madison!!!

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