Some users now allowed to upload longer videos on YouTube


Back several years ago, YouTube had allow some larger uploads, at least for some users. However, in more recent years, a limit of 1GB with a maximum time of 10 minutes has been imposed. This limit has been, well very limiting, especially in light of HD cameras, where even fairly short movies can easily be over 1GB in size.

This summer, it appears that YouTube changed the limits to allow all users to upload 15 minutes of video, with a limit of 2GB. This additional size should help with a lot of the larger HD files.

Quote from the official YouTube Blog:

“Your creativity isn’t bound by a time limit, so why should your video uploads be? Back in July we raised the upload limit to 15 minutes for all users.”

Some users have been luck enough to have an additional upgrade to their YouTube account; the YouTube official blog went on to say:

“Starting today, we’ll begin allowing selected users with a history of complying with the YouTube Community Guidelines and our copyright rules to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.”

If your account is approved for such, a message will be added near the top of the screen on your account.

I’ve highlighted the area in red where you will see the message if your account has received the upgrade:

YouTube Upload Size Increase Screen Shot

So is there a limit to how big of a video you can upload if your lucky enough to find your account has been upgraded? Google says there no longer is one.

Quoting YouTube Blog:

“So go find that movie you wrote and filmed last year and share it with the world! Or upload your son’s championship high school basketball game or the insightful lecture you just gave on the emerging economics of green tech. As long as it’s your original content, it’s air game regardless of length.”

Go forth and upload!


View the full article about the upgrade on the official Google Blog at this link.

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