Moka Kadir Blend from Sweet Maria’s Coffee

by Jamie Dolan on January 6, 2011




  1. Khanh Cao says:

    Could you give more details about that roasting setting (wt. P …} Time of your loud 1st crack and its duration till the faint heard 2nd. crack and the time of your cool down with door ajar or not? I am a Behmor too.
    I would call this Full City + and I like it (my preferred roasting)do you agree with me?. Best regards. Khanh

    1. jamiedolan says:

      I have this entire roast recorded here:

      I did not hold the door open at all. I find it cools just find on it's own. Yes, I do think that this is a Full City +, I had called it light Vienna also but now that I have seen it sit for a couple days, I've going with City+.

      Let me know if that video doesn't answer your questions.


  2. Denielle says:

    I have to be honest, I don't love drinking coffee but the aroma takes me away! When I saw this picture, I could actually smell how rich and delicious it must be. I recently discovered chocolate covered coffee beans and am quickly becoming addicted to them.

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