End of Month

Well it’s already the end of August, and in some ways it feels like the end of summer. We have had a could cloudy days, with the sun peaking out a couple times today.

I was at Walmart last night, and they already have mums for sale, Halloween candy is out and worst of all they already had snow blowers for sale. Gosh, I hope were not that close to winter.

It is suppose to again get into the upper 80’s by later this week, predicted at 87 tomorrow. It was 78 today, though didn’t feel that warm.

It’s been an exciting month that went by in a hurry with a lot of new growth on PawDogs. Going into the fall I expect we will see even more growth and I’m working on several new idea that I think will really help promote the site.

Hope everyone had a great summer. Our plants all grew amazingly well, I’ll have to post some photos up here to show them off. With any luck, we will still have some growing season left!

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