Working with Kayce Cover this Week! (Expert Animal Trainer)

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Good Afternoon Friends;

Kayce Cover  - Photo Credit: Judith Lissenberg Hondenleven Magazine

Kayce Cover (Creator of Synalia SATS Animal training) -- Photo Credit: Judith Lissenberg Hondenleven Magazine

Over the coarse of the the next five days, my dogs, Karen and I are going to have the honor of workng in person with my friend Kayce Cover.  Kayce Cover is an expert animal trainer who has created a unique animal training system called SATS.  She has spoken to countless large live audiences about animal training; totaling nearly 3 million people, I find that very impressive.

She is traveling to our home here in Wisconsin and we are going to spend the next 5 days working with her to solve some training problems with my Shih Tzu dogs (I’m really looking forward to resolving some long standing training issues!).  We are also going to be shooting a lot of video of the work we are doing.  Some of it will be video we share with members of the PawDogs training list (CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE PAWDOGS TRAINING LIST – FREE) and some of it will be put together as part of new training programs and webinars that we are working on creating.

We have a number of exciting projects that we have been planing and this will give us a change to fine tune our plans.  I can’t tell you about all of the details of our upcoming projects just yet, but I know they will be of great interest to many of our members here.  If you would like to make sure you stay in touch and hear about our upcoming projects, enter your e-mail address below to join our Paw Dogs Newsletter:


I’m very excited about everything we have planed and am greatly looking forward to her visit.  I’ll keep you updated over the next few days, as I know there will be a lot to talk about.  As always, Thank You so much for being a loyal PawDogs member, please keep sharing all those great photos on our Paw Dogs Online Community facebook page and don’t forget about our Paw Dogs Forum, where you can register for a free account so you can share photos with everyone on the Internet.

Best Regards;

Jamie Dolan
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p.s. Kayce is still honoring the special price on her book TALK to me!  for Paw Dogs community members.  It’s a fun easy to read e-book, you can find out the details and order it online via this page.  With the special offer, you can get a copy of her book for only $10.95, the book currently is selling for $20.95 on her web site.

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