Fixing it… Glues and Epoxy to use when other stuff fails…

ImageFixing a Leak, how to…

Found several small pin holes in the Hot Tub that we got for Akiva (bottom inflates and was leaking) After 2 failed attempts to patch it with a vinyl patch kit (which peeled right off — I can only assume that there was something about the type of PVC used on this hot tub floor that it could not bond to, as the surface was clean and prepped properly), I went to Walmart Neenah to look for something else.

Ended with with some J-B Weld 2 part epoxy. I mixed it up and did 3 coats of it over the area with the small holes. I have it filled back up with air and have water in it now and it seems to be holding just fine.

When all else fails, try epoxy, it sets with a chemical reaction and depending on the version, will set quickly and can cure to full strength in just a few hours (Stuff I used sets in 4 to 6 minutes and cures in about 4 to 6 hours) — note: use disposable gloves when working with any of these and keep them well away from pets. Also Polyurethane products are extreme strong, but most take much longer to dry and cure.

My favorite Poly Glue (needs to be kept in a caulk gun, but lasts forever, you can just break the tip back open if it starts to dry):

The JB-Weld Kwik that I used to fix the Hot Tub leak:

One last one I will mention, it is a little more effort to work with because you need to have the surface moist and it needs clamp time on more surfaces is Gorilla Glue, it is a Polyurethane based product and is very very strong when cured:

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