Shih Tzu Grooming Supplies (Clippers & Blades)

This is the main clippers I use for grooming our Shih Tzu:

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I will use a 10 blade if I need to cut them really short, this is shorter than most people ever want to cut the body (easily cuts off all but the worst mats):

8-Fullscreen capture 9272012 12216 PM
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This is a 7 Finish Cut Blade:

7-Fullscreen capture 9272012 12211 PM

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This is a 4 Finish Cut Blade; most people will want to use between a 4 and 7 for their Shih Tzu for a short “puppy cut” style. Most people likely will want closer to a 4, the smaller the number, the longer it leaves the hair. However, leaving the hair longer also means there is more of a combing action that takes place when your clipping, so the dog needs to be combed out and free of knots and mats to use a blade that leaves the coat longer (like a 4 or 7).

6-Fullscreen capture 9272012 12205 PM

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This is a spray coolant / lubricant, you don’t really want to breathe this stuff, but can be very handy. Even well maintained blades on a fast clipper will warm up and you have to cool them down so you don’t burn the dog. You can stop and wait, switch blades or you can use some of this stuff. I go outside or in a different room to use it.

1-Fullscreen capture 9272012 11233 PM

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This is blade oil; everyone with a clipper needs some of this;

2-Fullscreen capture 9272012 11251 PM

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Blade wash works very well, like nothing else. It cleans much better than cool lube. I’ve soaked my blades in this and seen them work like new again afterwards;

3-Fullscreen capture 9272012 11321 PM

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