Full Product Review – Wilson Electronics – Sleek 4G-A – AT&T 4G Cell Phone Booster



This is my review of the Wilson Sleek booster; Thought the unit is labeled for AT&T 4G it works on USCellular.  Please feel free to ask me any questions about it and I will do my best to help.  I’ve spoke with Wilson a couple of times now and they have been helpful also.


The booster can be found on Amazon at this link.

The home Kit (with the 120v power plug in and the antenna mount can be found at this link.

The larger antenna can be purchased at this link.

Shortcut links to chapters in the video:

Overview of physical product and description (runs til timecode 5:01)

Antenna Options for Wilson Sleek Booster (runs til timecode 8:11)

Performance Review for Wilson Sleek Booster (runs til timecode 15:35)

“On The Road” performance while traveling discussion (runs til end of video)


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Note: Amazon may give me a small credit on a gift card if your purchase the unit from the above links. The links listed are the exact products that I purchased myself and reviewed.

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