The Cash ‘Stache: Money Clip & Mustache


The Cash ‘Stache: Money Clip & Mustache

My cousin and several friends have started an exciting new business venture.  The project is called The Cash ‘Stache: Money Clip & Mustache.  They describe the product as:

“The Cash ‘Stache is a one of a kind magnetic money clip.  It is made of genuine leather and can hold an ID, credit card, and your cash.  This ‘stache is perfect for your night out!  It holds all your essentials and kicks up your fun in a way no minimalist wallet could.”

They go on to tell us more:

“We came up with the idea for The Cash ‘Stache after a rather animated conversation about who could grow a better mustache (because who doesn’t love a mustache).  Although Steven is the obvious loser, we started thinking about what we could do to help our friend feel better about his lack of facial hair prowess.  The only way to do it was to get him a fake mustache, one that he would always have on him.  Hence, The Cash ‘Stache was born… so you mustache yourself a question, do you want a same old, same old wallet or do you want a conversation starter?!”

Learn more about the product and the project by watching this catchy video they put together:

cashstash progress-11-2-2013

They are currently in the funding stage of the business and are using the popular platform KickStarter.  As of 11/2/2013 they are well on their way to their initial funding goal of $3,000.

You can be one of the lucky initial backers that helps get this venture going by heading on over to their page; Cash ‘Stache: Money Clip & Mustache on KickStarter.

Thanks for taking a look!

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