Now Pages on Facebook can Admin groups

Edited on 5/3/2017 to add additional information.

This afternoon (4/19/2017) I got a notification that I can now manage a group with my page.

Of note: I’ve only had this option enabled for one of multiple pages I am an admin for. I’ve not yet explored what this means for the page — I’m assuming a link will be added to the page for the group. I will explore this and update this article.



I was brought to this page where I was then able to select my group from a list of all group I’m an admin for.

Next, I went to the group and checked – indeed the page is not listed as a group admin.

By selecting the page from the drop-down menu, I’m now able to post as or comment as the page.

When we make a new post or comment on the post, we are given the choice of commenting / posting as the page or as ourselves.

We also have a note that is added to the banner that now shows a link to our page.

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