Halloween 2020

It was a beautiful Halloween day, it made it up to 55, which was great after many below average days in October.

We went to Milwaukee to the final outdoor farm market this morning and then stopped at a couple stores. We had a lou mal’s pizza with fresh mixed mushrooms added this afternoon that we picked up in Milwaukee frozen.

About 42 people stopped by for trick or treating, a bit lower than some years, but not bad. We handed out flashlights that are also glow sticks and fully reusable – battery operated. We think the kids enjoyed them.

The dogs were in costumes and spent much of the evening out with us. People enjoyed seeing and petting the girls.

A block of the uplands reverse cheese also in this photo we found today, it’s quite good and make here locally in wi.

We found a carmel apple to have as a treat but didn’t get to eating that yet.

We need to run to a farm in Larsen tomorrow for more fresh eggs and bones for soup this week. It’s a much colder day tomorrow, but a few nice looking days next week.

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