Jamie Dolan Bio

"Jamie Dolan - Fall 2009"

"Jamie Dolan - Fall 2009"

Jamie Dolan:

Born in 1979, I’ve been a life long resident of Neenah, WI (http://www.ci.neenah.wi.us/).  I’ve worked for myself as well as for several other local companies over the past 15 years.
While I was still in high school, I started my first business, offering design work and printing via a local partner company.  I continued this part time work for 2 years, learning a great deal about computers along the way.
In 1996 about a year before I graduated from high school (St. Mary Central High School in Menasha, WI – Now located in Neenah, WI), I started PowerNet Online Services (http://www.uspower.net/), a dial up Internet Service Provider (ISP).  From 1996 to the end of 1999, I ran PowerNet Online Service with my father Tim Dolan.  We had several employees at various times.
In early 2000, I teamed up with a company in the Printing industry, and merged PowerNet Online Services with Digicorporation, Inc. (http://www.digiprint.biz).  I worked with the merged company in 2000, 2001, and 2002.  I left in 2002 to pursue other interests.  Uspower.net which had become a part of Digicorporation, Inc. continued to operated for another 6 years after I left.  As the dial-up industry died, the business closed down in 2008, 12 years after I started the company.  It is a very surreal experience for me sitting here writing this; I can’t believe 12 years has passed since I first sat in that tiny office selling Internet Access.
In 2003 I started planning a new company, a digital printing company called Ashwood, Inc.  Ashwood, Inc. was focused on digital printing and marketing services.  We aimed to serve several niche markets including direct mail postcards.  I operated this business in 2003 and 2004.  At the end of 2004, I made the decision not to continue with Ashwood, Inc.  It was a difficult decision as Ashwood, Inc. had much potential.  We had a great start thanks to many; including Internet Marketer James Burchill (http://www.jamesburchill.com) and Business Coach Karl Ruegg (http://www.coachkarl.com/).  I also had the help and support of my wonderful family and friends.  Despite our amazing start, I faced a number of heath issues which prevented me from continuing with the business.

During the past 5 years since Ashwood, Inc. closed, as my health permitted, I have donated my time to several web sites and Internet Forums, assisting other people.  Much of this work has been in the area of pet care.  One mailing list that I have answered many questions on is the RawFeeding group on Yahoo (http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/rawfeeding/).  Recently, I’ve started spending some time putting my writing onto my own blog (https://jamiedolan.com).  Going into the future, I plan to continue to write about pet care and raw feeding.

In 2009, I helped my dad create a forum for his life long jeep hobby with Willys Jeeps.  It can be viewed here.

The past 2 summers, 2009 and 2010, I have spent a lot of time, planting and landscaping my yard. Much of it is a slow process as there is only so much I can physically manage at one time due to my health. I’ve learned a lot about many different kinds of plants and trees. Recently I have taken an interest in Bonsai and growing trees in pots. In many ways the trees in pots are easier for me to manage, most of light weight and easy to move around as necessary. They are normally quick and easy to water, though they often need more frequent attention than the same stock planted in the ground. I am a member of a Tree care forum and a Bonsai forum where I frequently discuss my experiences with my plants.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my bio.  Please feel free to contact me or post a comment if you like.


Jamie Dolan