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How do I switch my dog to a raw diet?

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Akiva Eats Chicken

"Akiva Eating a Raw Chicken Breast"

A raw (aka RAW) diet is not for everyone, but many people choose this option for feeding their cat or dog. I am not going to debate the merits of a this diet in this entry, I simple want to address a question that people seem to be asking quite often. It goes something like this:

“How did you switch your dog to raw?, I’ve been reading about different ways to switch the diet for weeks and I have read about (insert one of 50 different ways of switching here) and I still don’t know what to do”

It can be overwhelming to switch your dogs diet and can be very stressful. I have a opinion to offer that I hope will help some make this choice.

For our dogs, the change was a journey, a journey of learning for us and for our dogs. Our dogs used to eat some Iams and some Fromm. We moved over to eating all Fromm and natures variety with some commercially prepared raw meat added in at times. We also fed some canned food from Merrick and natures variety. Then we switched to the grain free natures variety formula. From there we moved over to just feeding raw food all the time, nothing special about the change over, we just did it.

When you decide to change over to raw food, or make any diet change for that matter, you just have to do what you feed comfortable with, and most of all what works for you and your dog. Some people are comfortable with just switching to all raw food one day as we did, and other make the change over time. What I suggest is that you just try it. If you make the switch and your dog done fine, which is the likely case, then your done and you have make the switch. If your dog has a problem, and you feel you need to, then add back some kibble, then do that. If you feel you need to feed half kibble and half raw, then do it.

Bottom line is that whatever you do, beginning to feed your dog some raw food is a great thing, even if your dog only get some raw food. Even feeding your dog some raw food some of the time will mean your dog will be eating a far better diet than 95%+ of the dogs in the country.

Just like anything in life, there will always be new things to learn and there will always be ways to improve. Just remember your doing a great thing for your dog no matter how you start.

Keep in mind the best thing you can do is to try it, watch your dog closely and make changes based on how your dog does. Your dogs behavior will be your best guide as to how to make the change over.

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