Now Pages on Facebook can Admin groups

Edited on 5/3/2017 to add additional information.

This afternoon (4/19/2017) I got a notification that I can now manage a group with my page.

Of note: I’ve only had this option enabled for one of multiple pages I am an admin for. I’ve not yet explored what this means for the page — I’m assuming a link will be added to the page for the group. I will explore this and update this article.



I was brought to this page where I was then able to select my group from a list of all group I’m an admin for.

Next, I went to the group and checked – indeed the page is not listed as a group admin.

By selecting the page from the drop-down menu, I’m now able to post as or comment as the page.

When we make a new post or comment on the post, we are given the choice of commenting / posting as the page or as ourselves.

We also have a note that is added to the banner that now shows a link to our page.

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Signs of Spring — 4/4/2017


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Spring — 4/4/2017

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Start of Spring 2017

March 20th – 2017

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Vasco in Tonka Truck

Vasco as a young puppy in 2004 sitting in my old Tonka truck. We seem to have lost the old tonka truck, but found a somewhat similar replacement at the thrift store yesterday. On the left is Vasco in the new Tonka age 12.

20161030_171408 picture-254-570x570

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Farmers Market stand 9/24/2016

Please support your local farmers!






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Blueberry picking 8/5/2016



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Akiva – Ready for Freeze drying

As many of you know, we suddenly lost Akiva on April 4th 2016.  We decided to have Akiva preserved by having him freeze dried.  This is an extended process that takes a minimum of 4 to 6 months, once space in available.  He has been out with the person who is preserving him since late April.  The man working on him prepared him for freeze drying today and these are the pictures he sent.

It will take another 4 to 6 months from when he goes into the machine, which should be within a couple weeks now.  We feel like he did an excellent job.  He is going to adjust his head slightly, just moving it a bit lower, but otherwise this is how he will look.



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Hosta 7/6/2016

A look at our front yard Hosta on 7/6/2016.  Growing like crazy this year!


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Wilderness Park Neenah


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